Giving gifts of handcrafted spoons to symbolise love and affection is a craft tradition in Wales that dates back to the 16 century. The earliest surviving example can be found in the Welsh Folk museum in Cardiff and is dated to 1667.

Love Spoons are used for many occasions, from engagements to weddings, anniversaries to birthdays, friendship or valentine, christenings and even farewell gifts, in fact any occasion when someone wants to show that they care for someone.

Many symbols are used and all convey a particular message. Hearts are for love, bells are for weddings or anniversaries, a horseshoe is for luck, Dragons for protection, daffodil for affection, cross represents faith and marraige, a stork for a new baby and a Celtic knot means everlasting.

All are gift boxed and include a short history of the Lovespoon with a list of their meanings.

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Showing all 16 results